Career coaching

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Career Coaching:

Individual career counseling for IT specialists, IT professionals and IT executives from abroad

Do you need professional help with finding an appropriate position in the IT area in Norway?

  • Do you need relevant information about job market and your possibilities?
  • Do you need general information such as local standard wages, taxes, work permit, insurance, etc.?
  • Do you need help with finding right positions and or companies here in Norway?
  • Do you need help with making your current CV more interesting for the different target companies and positions?
  • Do you need career coaching just to start with? Or until you have reached  your career goals?

Adelina Edland, with her 25 years experience within IT, 14 years experience (since February 2007) from recruiting and headhunting within IT and experience with career coaching of IT professionals, consultants and executives will be pleased  to help you. She holds a DNVL recruiter certification and a AS3 carieer coaching certification.

Just contact us by sending your email to: for more information about assistance content, terms and conditions.