Career Counceling/Coaching

Career counseling / Coaching

Individual career counseling / guidance and coaching adapted to IT / ICT personnel for non-Norwegians already living in Norway (English version) 

"A career is something  that can develop in different directions over time. In connection with a career change, be it because you want it, or because the market requires a change on your part in order for you to continue to be attractive as a resource,  it can be crucial to know who you are as a person and professionally, where you stand, and where you want to be / would like to be, and then choose the "right path", set specific goals and work systematically to achieve those goals "

"We live in a competence society that is characterized by frequent changes, less predictability and the need to adapt to new situations and markets.

Updated and up-to-date competence, flexibility and adaptability will therefore be more and more in demand. 

  • Are you now at a crossroads and wondering which way to go?
  • Would you like having new challenges, moving on with your career, get the job you desire / work with what you like and need help to go in the right direction / reach your goals? Or do you just need a little "drag-help" so you can do the rest by yourself?
  • You may have a lot of experience already and just need a little upgrade / some more formal additional skills, or help choosing the right "skills adjustments" so that you can keep your attractiveness / or make yourself more attractive in constantly changing markets?
  • Do you need assistance in connection with your job search?
  • Are you sending out many applications but you are experiencing poor results?
  • Need help with translating your CV or application into Norwegian?

You may have discovered that there are many career counselors, but few who are specialized in career counseling adapted to the IT / ICT industry / aimed at IT / ICT personnel.

Adelina, before she started HR Consultancy in 2007 with focus on IT recruitment and Career counseling adapted to the IT / ICT industry had herself approximately 24 years of experience in IT / from the IT industry. In addition Adelina is certified "Job Transition Management consultant" that means consultant in connection with career changes and adjustments ( "Career Refraiming").

Adelina offers individual career counseling (guidance and coaching) and will be happy to assist you with your career choices. She will be able to help you, for example, with identifying your skills, your strengths and opportunities in relation to the market and other alternative career paths, set up goals and sub-goals together with you, develop strategies to achieve those goals, with specific activities, and set up together with you an individual follow-up plan. She will also be able to advise you on which path it will pay for you to go so that you acquire the necessary additional competence as quickly as possible and at the least possible cost, which will help you in the right direction.

Are you thinking of starting for yourself? Adelina and her partner, see "Om oss/samarbeidspartnere" may also give you here some good advice and practical help.

    Adelina at HR Consultancy can offer you advice / guidance with your job search and will be able to give you practical help in writing a targeted CV and / or a job application in relation to the positions or roles and companies that you wish to apply to and give you tips and advice in connection with the interviews, negotiations, etc..

    Adelina speaks and write Norwegian, English and Italian at a very fluent level and can help you  with translating your  current CV and job application from English or Italian into Norwegian. She also understands written Swedish, Danish, French and German.

      Practical information and prices:

      The above mentioned advisory services will be adapted to your needs and time horizon. Just send us your most updated CV with a short description of your situation, what you would like to achieve / or what type of positions you are applying to / want to apply to and / or in which areas you would like us to assist you. Adelina will soon take contact with you for more detailed information.

      We will agree with you in advance on which kind of services, how to communicate, price and time estimates. Adelina usually charges a fixed hourly rate of NOK 1.000,- pluss 25% Norwegian VAT (MVA)  for her career / coaching services. Our partner, lawyer Øyvind Olsen usually charges Nok. 1.600.- pluss MVA for his assistance through HR Consultancy.


      In our Feedback Log (in Norwegian) you might be able to read some feedback that we have received from our clients, candidates for our recruitment assignments and people who have had Career guidance / Coaching and / or help with job search (CV, applications, interviews, negotians, etc). The feedback is voluntary and is completely anonymous for confidentiality reasons.