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Our Services:


  • Recruitment / talent sourcing (to permanent positions in Norway)

We provide professional assistance through all the stages (phases) in the recruitment process, that is full or tailored assistance, depending on your needs,  be it for example assistance with a job analysis, with search for matching candidates, with candidates selection or just with an independent background/historical check of the information supplied by your candidates.

Phases in the recruitment process:

  • Job Analysis (1)
  • Search (2)
  • Selection
  • Offer of employment, negotiations, employment contract
  • Follow-up and shutdown of the recruitment process

1) = In connection with  a job analysis we look  for example also at the company's or department's goals and at other and relevant information so that we will end up with a clear description of the job (role) and of the required skills (competence, experience, abilities and motivation).

2 = Here we can offer "target search" and headhunting when necessary

  • Selection (quality assurance) of your own candidates (to work in Norway)

Are you doing the candidates search on your own? Have you got many applicants and you need qualified assistance to identify the right ones?

We are ready to help you with this task. Our assistance will be provided by our DNVGL certified recruiter, by our DNVGL certified tester and by our legal partner according to your needs. You will choose the content and whether we will be working from our office or at your office.

We use proven methods and techniques to identifiy relevant skills (competence, experience and abilities) and we can run several DNVGL approved work-psychological tests on your final candidates ( ie to help identifying relevant personality traits, aptitudes and abilities).

In connection with higher level positions, positions that imply financial responsibilities or positons that have special requirements we can also offer you our "Back-ground" check (this service will be offered as a "stand-alone" service from our DNVGL recruiter and/ or our legal partner according to the needs.

  • Conveyance of IT Professionals  (to work directly on your project or projects here in Norway)

We primarly recruit to permanent positions. If you (your company or department)  should need one or several experienced IT professionals who can quickly enter into your project and work undipendently or as a member of your own project team, we will be pleased to help you. We have many experienced IT professionals in our "IT Professionals and Consultant pool". These professionals have specific competence in several domains within IT / IT Technology and have worked  for many customers from several branches. See "Temporary Assignments".

Assistance in connection with candidates from other countries (to work in Norway) 

  • Recruitment & selection of high qualified  IT candidates from abroad

Several companies will experience increased cultural diversity among job applicants in the years to come. Some businesses may be even forced to look for relevant IT expertise outside Norway. We speak and write Norwegian, English and Italian fluently and we can therefore assist  your company with the recuitment of skilled IT specialists and IT executives with non-Norwegian background.

  • Individual career coaching for  IT professionals,  IT advisers and IT Executives from abroad

Are you an IT professional and are you planning to move to Norway or have just arrived in Norway and need some professional carreer advice?

We can help! Read more..


HR Consultancy, Biskop Gunnerus gate 14,  N-0185 Oslo. Mobil: +47 47 900 162

Email:  adelina.edland@hrconsultancy.no