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(Formidling av IT/IKT profesjonelle)

Temporary assignments: Conveyance of IT professionals in Norway

Do you need IT specialists or IT executives for temporary assignment in connection with your own project?

If you already are one of our customers we can provide you this special service as an additional and professional mediation service in case you suddenly should need some IT professionals on a contract basis to work directly at your own project or projects. We will normally be able to show you some potential candidates already within 5 -7 business days from your request. We will not supply many CVs as we primarily focus on submitting to you only the CV'es of the most appropriate candidates (according to your needs, with good references, and that can be available during the period you need).

We will search for the right candidates throughout:

- the many IT professionals  in our network

- our CV database (we have a large CV-database and large network)

- specific networks and forums.

We have a large contact network and a very large CV database.


*: Below is a summary of the main areas of expertise ogf the IT professional that we can onvey::

- Project management (technical and / or administrative project management)

- Process management / Change management

- IT / ICT consulting

- Digitization

- Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence / BigData / CRM / ERP

- IT system development / system integration / application development

- IT security / IT infrastructure

Please just send us an email with your request or fill inn the form at the bottom of this page to submit your request.



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