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- Adelina Edland,  IT recruitment advisor and career counselor


Adelina holds a  Master of  Management grad degree and diploma degree, both from BI, Oslo. She is a DNVGL Certified Recruiter and AS3 JTM certified advisor (Career Advice in the event of Career Changes). Her Master of Management degre included the programs in Strategic Human Resource Management,  "Communications in Organizations" and "Change Management" (see project assignment in change management).

She also completed the program in Organizational Development and Personnel Development from previously diploma studies (bachelor degree) at BI.

Before Adelina started in the recruitment business she had about 24 years of experience from the IT industry all the way to senior management. Adelina has been in the recruitment industry since February 2007, first as a recruiting partner at a few major recruitment companies and since July 2008 at her own company, HR Consultancy, specialising in the recruitment of IT professionals and IT executives, see References

Adelina has long experience within job analysis (ie, specification of job profiles with job requirements in terms of job / department / organization goals), search and selection (including mapping and identification of formal competence, abilities, personal qualities and potential of candidates matching the position / Department / Organization Objectives).

Adelina also offers individual career counseling adapted to the IT industry.

Adelina receives often positive feedback from clients and candidates because of her thoroughness and good follow-up.  Adelina has also experience from working and  communicating with people of different cultures. She is fluent in the Norwegian and English  languages, Italian mother tongue,  and she also has good knowledge of the French and German languages.

- Rolf Lindgren, psychologist and recruitment consultant (occupational psychological tests and job analysis)


Rolf cooperates with HR Consultancy in the execution and interpretation of occupational psychological tests of our candidates when needed (for example on our IT executive candidates).

Rolf is educated psychologist at UiO and is a DNVGL certified tester (for the execution and interpratation of occupational psychological tests (both personality and ability tests). Rolf has led the development of Det norske Veritas' competence certificate for users of occupational psychological tests and is certified within several DNVGL approved test tools. Beside his long career has psycologist he has 5 years of experience as IT-headhunter (former colleague of Adelina and 5 years of experience as an industrial researcher.


- Oyvind Olsen, lawyer 

Øyvind is our legal and business partner. Øyvind provides assistance with the design and follow-up of our agreements with clients and partners being our QA advisor   in  legal areas such as labor law, contracts,  business and tax law. He also assist us with our "Background Checks" related to the selection of candidates to positions with budget and or personnell responsibilities. Øyvind founded and is one of the major partners of Advokat24 and he has also  experience as board member in several small companies.


- Bjørn Lehne, accounting officer at Regnskap24 (affiliated with Advokat24)

Bjørn is HR Consultancy's accountant.