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We have updated our routines to safeguard your privacy and comply with the new GDPR rules and we hereby give you the following information:

  1. Information about who will be responsible to handle your personal information at us
  2. Extensive use of written consent in connection with the storage and distribution of your personal information as well as data and information about you
  3. Information about your right to be "forgotten" (withdrawal of your consent as well as deletion of all your personal information, data and information about you)
  4. Information about your right of access to your data with us
  5. Information about general technical safety with us
  6. Information about additional securit in in connection with the exchange of emails between you and us


1. Responsible to handle your personal information at us:

Adelina Edland is responsible to handle your personal information at HR Consultancy.

2. Consent:

To be able to handle your personal information we will ask you for your written consent:

- Consent 1: A general consent from you to us related to our services (Recruitment and Career Advice)

This consent will apply for the retention / storage of your resume / application with any attachments (eg diplomas, certificates from previous employers, relevant certifications, as well as other personal information that we may / will receive from you and that HR Consultancy will store in their systems (including CV-base, e-mail system and all written communication between you and us related to our services. This consent will also apply in connection with our follow-up in regard to prospective job / career opportunities for you in the future.

According to GDPR rules, all collection and storage of personal information shall be limited in time according to the purpose with the collection of the information and the stored information should be correct and as up-to-date as possible. We give you therefore the possibility to choose a time limit for this type of consent (from 1 and up to 5 years). NB: We take your privacy rights seriously and we will not distribute or grant anyone else access to the information you send / notify us. If applicable with a redistribution of your data, we will ask you for a specific written consent (see under Consent 2).

The form for this Consent (Consent 1) will be sent to you by email from us. If you wish you can give us this consent online here.

- Consent 2: A specific consent from you to us in connection with your candidacy to a position (permanent appointment or assignment) at one of our named clients (company).

This consent will normally last 12 or 18 months and will cover the further distribution of your data / information we may / may receive from you, including your resume / application with any attachments (eg diplomas, previous employer certificates, relevant certifications and other relevant information) to one of our specific clients. NB: We take your privacy rights seriously and we will not distribute or grant access to any other one than the specified client (company) to the information you send / disclose and which we will store in our systems.

The form for this consent (Consent 2) will be sent to you by email from us.

3. What happens when the consents expires?

- Upon expiry of Consent 1 and or Consent 2, we will no longer distribute to anyone the information we have received about you and from your reference persons without first obtaining a new written consent from you and new / updated information.

4. Withdrawal of consents and your right to be "forgotten":

You may at any time and before the expiry date of one or both of your consents send us a  withdrawal request either by email, or online.

- In the case of withdrawal of your "Consent 1" we will delete all the information that we have stored about you in our systems (including your CV in  our CV-base, e-mails and other written communications and files). This deletion wil be processed as soon as possible and within 30 calendar days from your withdrawal request. We take the  responsibility for the physical erasure of your data from our systems.

- In the case of withdrawal of your "Consent 2" we will send a written request to our client to delete all the information they have received about you from us from their own systems. We disclaim the responsibility for the completed deletion of your data at our client, on the other hand  we may assist you in obtaining a written confirmation from our client of completed deletion.

4. Review of your data with us:

You may at any time send us a request to receive any information we have gathered and stored about you in our systems and we will send you this information either by email (preferably encrypted) or via a link where you can download this information yourself.

5. General Technical Security:

We use different system settings / procedures and methodologies to safeguard security  as to. information access, information storage including backups, and network connections in connection with our daily work related to our services. Our web server ( is hosted and operated by a reputable and serious hosting company.

6. Additional security in communicating through email between HR Consultancy, you and our client:

We use Google email and their servers. This channel is considered to be a secure communication channel. In addition, we use Google's two-step verification that provides additional login security. If you would like to have an extra protection in exchanging your personal information through email with us or with our client (for example if you are not sure which information that you send to us is "sensitive or not",  please contact us..


NB: We will follow on an ongoing basis the recommendations and guidelines from the Norwegian Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet) and we will update and adapt our own routines as soon as new and relevant updates around Privacy will come from them. See Basic Privacy Principles by New Rules "