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A recruitment process is often much more difficult than one might think initially. Often it is required much more than just posting a job, or obtain some CVs. In competition for attractive expertise it can be difficult to find and reach all the way to the finish with the right candidate. Additionally  risk of error employment increases with time pressure, insufficient established recruitment procedures, or simply when you do not have the necessary expertise. A bad hire can quickly become very expensive and / or not provide the envisaged positive effects.

We have good expertise and long experience within headhunting, talent sourcing  and recruitment of  IT specialists / consultants and IT executives and can document good results.  We will be happy to put our experience, expertise and methodology at your disposal and thus add value to you as a customer.

We offer professional assistance:

Be it in connection with the entire recruitment process or tailored assistance. We help you (your company) to find the best possible match, not only in relation to competencies, motivation, abilities and skills, but also in relation to culture, environment and objectives of your company or department.

Our main focus is hiring to permanent positions (Recruitment and Selection). Should your company or department need highly qualified IT specialists on assignment basis, wecan also help you with this.

We focus on integrity and quality: 

We are primarily concerned with finding the best possible match for your business and the candidates. We focus on quality of processes and methodology.

Our assistance is given by experienced partners:

  • DNVGL certified recruiter with extensive and relevant experience

  • DNVGL certified personality tester

  • Legal Advisor


Our services are supported by:

Extensive experience with targeted search through multiple channels

• Focus on long-term relationships

• Very good procedures at monitoring clients and candidates

• Access to thousands of IT specialists, IT consultants and IT executives both in Norway and globally  through our network and through own and large CV-database). Most candidates in our CV-base have a bachelor degree or equivalent  (and many have a master degree) along with considerable experience.


Recruitment of global candidates (IT professionals, IT advisers and IT executives)

Several companies will experience increased cultural diversity among job applicants in the years to come. Some businesses may be forced to look for relevant IT expertise globally.  We speak several languages (Norwegian, English, Italian, French and German) and will be pleased to help you with your recruitment process. See Our Services.